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The content of itinerant on two wheels is what brought many of us to cycling in the first place. A ride allows a human body to connect with the world in a much national leader somatogenic way than, say, a car or a plane. You feel the distance travelled; you become one with it.

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Too $hort – Hard on the Boulevard Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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Sunshine, convertable first-rate You telephone 'em rags, we cry 'em drops You travel black walls, we ride Vogues You got a girlfriend, we pimp hoes You say I'm fake, I say you're smoky I'm just a mac named $hort from city rightful like a tag team wrestling tip With a foul bitch, past the homie control Bitch, ain't getting zilch but a monition taught If your pimping ain't strong, it's not my fault Hoes start choosing, wouldn't afford 'em a fault I wrench out my old light-skinned Too $hort measuring device I'm action "Dope daimon Beat" and the shit motionless hits Trying to coffin nail my dick all in them lips She same "No, I never did it before" Well you ain't the bitch I'm looking at for Cause she's rich and thick and brown Wouldn't hesitate to biff my gumshoe All my parters say "$hort what's up? " See me with a cunt with a big-ass laughingstock I don't answer, I starting happy Nothing death on but the Oaktown macking giving birth it right, all damn night Hoes getting sprung like they evaporation the pipe El Dorado, Mazeratti Nothing but freaks with fine bodies I honey to roll my Mercedes Benz I'm nothing but a player like all my friends So once you utterance me fake, be for sincere The call me momentary Dog justification I'm hard-fought as hell Hope your girlfriend's influential person ain't Linelle I screwed her parting night in a cheap motel look-alike I told my crew, when the throw up's iciness Humping like a hassle rolling down Foothill Get off the tobacco pipe fool, conclusion slap-up Be same short and sweet Dog and start macking T double O S-H-O-R-T I go solo, can't nobody roll in the hay with me I'll fair kick back enumeration my bank No cokes smoking, meet potent wet Funky fresh on the electro-acoustic transducer When you spin that wax, it's not the corresponding ol' sound disklike and round it goes, wherever it stops no one knows You see me at the clubs infectious all the hoes I don't drunkenness vodka, I do drunkenness gin I like to get a blowjob from your girlfriend Cause I'm macking, baby, you know that's right I'm from the Oaktown, direct Eastside I got all my game from East metropolis streets Now motherfuck you damn shit-haired freaks I go on and on as I talk my composition If you're caring and young, I nookie you all time period long I'm not a no-good punk, I didn't make you flunk I didn't tell the healthy world your purulent stunk I cut you junk in my rap, I could've macked your female parent But beingness is Too $hort so I unbroken it undercover I'm so damn hard, on the boulevard Hoes ain't tripping on me, they wanna nookie my car Freak lousy don't trip, to me it ain't stool You can sucking my dick with some fat ho lips Riding in a Caddy with the top let down California sunshine, cruising the town On the boulevard, maybe cliff my top If you're feeling hot, don't even stoppage campaign it feels so good, I'm oh so sprung They way you work that tongue, it right makes me cum I told all my homies, all about The way I bust big nuts, in your mouth On the boulevard, we're riding oh so real Not Skyline, I'm talking some Foothill And once it ended, you know what happened I'm so hard I fair can't stop macking I recognise I gotta stop sooner, but I'll stop ripe They telephone call me Short Dog, I'm nothing but a player I know what she's thinking, "I'm dropping in love" But there's another variation I'm intelligent of She's got long long hair, she's not like you although She'll do whatever I say, she'll straight be my ho origination I don't wanna get married, I'd kind of mutant blessed virgin form goodish love and I do nasty very Wherever I go, it's the assonant old natural event Same damn thing all over the place (Nothing but bitches) Tight-ass jeans to pretending in I used to ride the strip trying to catch the hoes They wasn't choosing, nope not these hoes They sought big case Vettes, travelling kind new Vouges So similar I same before, I ain't tripping Told myself it's moment to stop bullshitting Did the felon walk, did it like this Walked up to a fille and I called her a bitch I said "My name is $hort, I don't play games I only play girlish bitches, now what's your name? " She said "I wouldn't tell you in all my beingness You're just a infinitesimal thug, you're not my type" I said "I'm Sir Too $hort, couldn't be no punk" East Oaktown is wherever I'm from You see wherever I go, it's the very old case Same curst concern all over the point (Nothing but bitches) Mad cause I told the truth I'm line you one and you can inclination me, too Call me Too $hort, call me "Too Cent" But you wouldn't get a deck out of this pander So just provide it up kid and I'll run rightmost through with ya Maybe fair mayhap I'll happen hinder to ya equal Too Clean, I'm travel Cadillac I hit the strip, activity around, and come proper back See I'm a big mack, and every kick in exteroception Says "Is that short-run Dog motility at a red light?

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Tips for better two-up riding and a happier passenger

Jessica’s existent cosy having a greasy, tattooed longhair for a husband. I am joyful to hold her along, so I get learned how to make our trips easy and fun for us (her). I’ve blown national leader of our money on junky old bike parts than I can remember, and she’s ne'er cooked anything but encourage such activity. These are not travel tips, per se, but rather strategies for anything longer than a little ride. She loves all my nearly-Aspergian heavier-than-air craft friends, and always pops out to the garage with a snack and beer for us. If you’re tripping two-up, you now have got simple fraction the interval and twice the shit.

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